13 Practical Ideas To Make Real Money With AI Art

Have you noticed how everyone is talking about AI art lately? From social media to art exhibitions, AI-generated artwork has taken the world by storm since its initial release.
Nowadays, anyone with a smart device can create an amazing piece of art just by writing plain text.

With the rise of AI-generated artwork, the question becomes how can you get in on the action and make good money? Some online gurus suggest that you sell your art on sites like Redbubble. But they never mention the problem of oversaturation.

Because of the ease with which detailed artwork can be created with AI, the market has become crowded. This means that it will be hard to stand out and sell your art successfully.

Even though some people will be happy to make a few bucks with their art, I believe that generative AI can 10x your earning potential. But you cannot do what everyone else does and expect different results. This is why I curated this list to help you make money as an AI artist.

In this article, you will discover 13 unique, realistic money-making ideas that you can use to take advantage of the AI art revolution.

Different ways to make money with AI art

Artificial intelligence-generated art refers to an image or artwork created by algorithms that mimic human creativity. Some of the most common examples are Midjourney, DALL-E, BlueWillow, Stable Diffusion, and Adobe Firefly.

There are many ways you can make money with these tools, but the most practical ways are:


Sell custom art

Unlike other types of art, custom artwork can fetch more money because it’s unique. You can sell it on sites like Etsy that offer customization options. If you prefer, you can create your own website or even sell locally. All you have to do is get the client’s request, generate the artwork, and deliver it.

The best thing about this idea is that you can do it with both digital and physical art.

For example, you can use the image-to-image feature to convert people’s pictures to different art styles like line art, anime, or Pixar cartoons. Then, sell them as personalized wall art designs.



There are two ways that you can use AI art to make money as a freelancer. You could offer to generate AI art for people. This may not be very profitable as you are not providing much value.

Or you can learn to design and use AI art tools as part of your creative process.

For instance, a client might hire you to make a brand mascot. All you have to do is generate the mascot according to the client’s needs and vectorize it. To find clients, you can sign up for freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiver.


Sell design assets

Many designers use assets to make their creative process easier and faster. So, you can create these assets with AI and sell them. For instance, you can sell design components like textures and patterns. These assets can be sold on websites like GraphicRiver and CreativeFabrica.

You can also put together a collection of design assets and charge more for them.

One unique way to sell design assets that most people are not talking about is to upload them to sites like Canva.com. When people use your artwork in their designs, you get paid each time.


Become a picture book publisher

There are so many different types of books you can publish with AI art. For instance, you can create coloring books, picture books, storybooks, and even comics.

I believe that the key to making money publishing books is to pick a niche that suits you. This is because Amazon is oversaturated, which means you have to market the books to make decent sales.

If you prefer, you can also order bulk copies of your books and sell them locally.


Add image subscription to your existing business

Let’s say you are a coach who teaches people how to blog. You could sell a subscription for images with white space. This will be profitable because bloggers need a lot of featured images with enough space for text.

This is just an example of what you can create. Think deeply about how you can add images to your current business. For instance, if you are a website developer, you can sell product images with AI art tools.


Build a local print shop

Building a neighborhood print shop is another way to generate income with AI art. You can print your artwork and sell it to local clients.

For instance, you could produce a collection of AI-generated pictures of popular tourist destinations or nearby landmarks.

The images can then be printed on canvas, mugs, or paper. You can sell directly to tourists or, if you prefer, sell indirectly to other local businesses.


Sell game assets online

If you have a passion for video games, you can create and sell assets with AI. Making money with this idea is possible because there is a big demand for game assets and a growing market.

Even though most game developers can make their own art, they will be willing to buy from you if you have something unique. This is because digital game assets are crucial for indie game developers who want to produce games with top-notch graphics. Plus, you will be saving them a ton of time and money.

You can create unique characters, settings, and backgrounds. But you will have to vectorize the assets so they can be easily customized. Marketplaces like Sprite Database, GameDev Market, and the Unity Asset Store allow you to sell game assets.


Start a clothing line

There are two major ways you can use AI art to make money in the fashion world. You can sell designs and patterns to clothing manufacturers, or you can print your own clothes and rake in the cash.

You might be thinking, “Why don’t I just use Print on Demand? After all, it’s easier.” The secret that most gurus will not tell you is that POD is way too expensive. This is why you can barely make any money with it.

For instance, if you sell a POD t-shirt, you will be lucky to make $5. But if you buy the shirts in bulk and print them yourself, you will make way more money. Plus, you are in control of your clothing quality.

You can also market your brand locally and create an actual business instead of competing with millions of hopefuls on Redbubble.


Create and sell 3D assets

In many fields, 3D assets are extensively useful. For instance:

  • Some game developers need 3D characters, objects, and environments to create immersive game worlds.
  • 3D assets are used in film and TV production to create special effects, animation, and virtual sets.
  • 3D assets can be used to create prototypes and models of products before they are manufactured.
  • 3D assets are used in architecture and real estate to create digital models for virtual tours of buildings and properties.
  • 3D assets can be used in education and training to create interactive simulations and virtual environments.

As an AI artist, you can produce 3D models and sell them to indie filmmakers and other small businesses. You can also sell your art on 3D assets marketplaces like TurboSquid, CGTrader, and Pond5.


Sell SVG and clip art files

Many people do not know that there is a thriving online market for SVG and clip art files. Websites like Etsy offer thousands of listings for SVG files that cater to different niches.

You can make SVG files for various design projects, including Circuit, web design, graphic design, and POD. Also, you can create SVG and clip art files that can be used for personal or commercial projects, allowing you to make more money with licensing.

Aside from Etsy, Shutterstock, and CreativeFabrica also provide options to sell your SVG creations.


Sell custom fonts

You can now create unique fonts with AI art tools such as Adobe Firefly and Stable Diffusion. And you can sell them online through major design marketplaces. Another option is to make custom fonts for businesses.

For example, Coca-Cola owns the copyright to its font. So, no one else can use it. You can provide a similar service for small businesses in your local area. Keep in mind that although selling fonts can be lucrative, it requires technical skills.


Sell design templates

Selling design templates is different from selling design assets. Pre-made designs known as templates can be used to create a variety of customized designs quickly and efficiently.

A template may include text, images, vectors, and layout design. These can be used for various items such as flyers, Instagram posts, business cards, logos, or labels.

Using AI tools, you can produce design templates that can be sold on websites such as Creative Fabrica, Envato Elements, Etsy, and TemplateMonster. Most people who sell design templates prefer to use specific tools like Canva, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Meaning that it is necessary to know how to use the tool you are creating templates for.


Create a subscription service

Creating an image library website online allows you to build a recurring stream of income. Customers can subscribe to your service and pay a monthly fee for access.

This idea is not for everyone. But, if you have the technical skills, you can easily create thousands of images with AI art in a very short time. Then build a good website with tools like WordPress. To make real money, I advise that you focus on a specific niche and create images that appeal to your target audience.



AI art has created new revenue streams for creative people. All you need is unlimited imagination and hard work. Even though AI art is not a money-making machine, you can be successful with enough effort and commitment.

So, ignore the noise and focus on mastering your AI art skills. Soon, you will turn your creativity into a profitable venture.