ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts: 11 Simple Hacks to Save Your Time

Have you ever wanted to streamline your workflow while using ChatGPT on the OpenAI web interface? If so, keyboard shortcuts can help.
I have been using shortcuts on this chatbot, and it has really made a significant difference in how quickly I can communicate with it.

This article contains eleven shortcuts that I have found to work really well with ChatGPT. Using these shortcuts will help you navigate through the program easily so you can perform various actions more quickly.

Work faster with ChatGPT

This tech may be new, but some simple keyboard shortcuts that you can use with it includes:

Up and Down Arrows

The up and down arrows on your keyboard allow you to scroll through the chat history. You can use them to review previous conversations and prompts.

Ctrl C

This is a widely known keyboard shortcut for copying text. There are two ways you can copy the text in ChatGPT.; which are:

  • Select the text in the chat that you want to copy and use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + C” (Windows) or “Command + C” (Mac).
  • Select the text in the message bar and click on CTRL + C or Cmd + C.

Ctrl V

This shortcut is used to paste text that you have copied. The shortcut is “Ctrl + V” (Windows) or “Command + V” (Mac). It can be used in both the message bar and edit prompt window.

Double Click

Double-clicking on a word, sentence, or paragraph closest to the cursor is a quick way to select text. From my experiments, it does not select long text.

Ctrl P

You can print the content displayed on the screen in ChatGPT by using Ctrl + P or Cmd + P.

But you should keep in mind that the paper size you select will affect the print area (the text that will show up for print).

Also, you can use this command to save your chat as a PDF. All you have to do is select the “save as PDF” option on your printer dialog window.

Ctrl R

This is used to refresh the page, which can be useful when you are experiencing a glitch or need to restart. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + R or Cmd + R.

Ctrl X

This shortcut allows you to cut the text in the message bar, which can be useful if you want to delete content fast. To use it, click Ctrl + X or Cmd + X for iOS devices.

Ctrl Z

This allows you to undo the last action in the message bar, which can be useful if you make a mistake or change your mind. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Z or Cmd + Z for iOS.

Enter Key

Pressing the enter key allows you to send a message. You can use this shortcut instead of clicking the send arrow button all the time.

Ctrl A

This shortcut is used to select all the text in the message bar, which can be useful when you want to copy or delete everything in the message bar.

To get started, you should click on the message bar, and click Ctrl + A or Cmd + A for IOS.

I have found that if you do not click on the message bar first, this shortcut will select the entire text on the screen.

Ctrl F or Ctrl G

This is a shortcut for Chrome users which I find really useful. Clicking on the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F or Cmd + F will open a small search dialog box. You can then enter a word or sentence and it will highlight them.

It also has arrow buttons that will help you quickly find what you are looking for in your chat.


Keyboard shortcuts can be a powerful tool to help you speed up your workflow while using OpenAI’s chatbot. These shortcuts will enable you to navigate through the program, select the text, and perform various actions.

However, keep in mind that these shortcuts have only been tested in Chrome browser on a Windows OS computer.

So, if you are using chatgpt on other browsers or OS, some of these shortcuts might word differently.