5 Amazing Things To Do With Midjourney Ai Zoom Out Feature

On June 23rd, 2023, the developers of midjourney ai released its new 5.2 version. And to everyone’s surprise, it included a zoom out feature. Some people think that this feature works like outpainting or generative fill-in other ai art tools. But it is not the same.

In this article, we will go over what the new midjourney ai zoom out feature does. And you’ll also learn how you can use it to take your ai art generation game to the next level.

How does it work?

This zoom out feature is very straightforward. It helps you see more of the image you generated. You can think of it as changing the camera view of a picture.

When you are taking a picture, you move nearer to the object for a close-up shot or you move farther away to see more of the subject and the background.

To use the zoom out feature, you need to:

  • Generate an image in midjourney discord with the /imagine command.
  • Pick one of the images you like with the upscale button.
  • Here, you will see the zoom out options. It shows zoom out 2X and zoom out 1.5, as well as custom zoom and create square buttons.
  • Click on the one you like, and it will generate a new set of four images.

What do the zoom out buttons do?

Midjourney zoom out image 01

In the new midjourney version 5.2, there is four zoom out options. Each one functions differently, and the final image can vary drastically.

Below are some examples of how this feature works.

Zoom out 1.5x

Midjourney zoom out 1.5x image 02

As the name suggests, it extends the canvas of the original image. Making the subject appear slightly farther away.

Zoom out 2x

Midjourney Zoom out 2x image o3

This option adds more details in the background and increases the view shot of the subject.

Make square

Midjourney make square image o4

This option is very useful when you generated your image with a custom aspect ratio, and you want to revert back to the default.

It helps you create square images with an aspect ratio of 1:1 regardless of the original image’s dimension.

Custom zoom out

Midjourney custom zoom out

This option allows you to alter the original prompt of the image. Meaning that instead of using the remix prompt option and zooming out; you can do both with one button.

To use it, click on the custom zoom out button and it will show a dialog window. You can then alter the prompt as you wish. The custom zoom out option also allows you to specify the –zoom ratio number. i.e — zoom 1.75 or –zoom 2.3.

Keep in mind that this option will not change the original image, but it can tweak it to create unique results.

Five interesting uses of zoom out

The midjourney zoom feature is awesome. But most people still don’t know how to use it to its full potential.

Here are five ways that you can use this feature to create impressive art.

Create zoomed videos

One of the best things about zooming out in midjourney is that you can repeat it continuously. Currently, there is no limit to how many times you can zoom the image.

So, you can create as many zoomed out variations of the original image as you like. And use tools like After Effects or RunwayML to combine these images into captivating videos like the one below.

Do more with portraits

Midjourney zoom out portrait image 06

This feature is perfect for changing your portrait images to full body shots. The best part is that you do not have to write another prompt.

So, no more full body, long shot, an extra-long shot in your prompt. With the zoom out button, you can just click to get your perfect view. And the original image’s esthetics and character remain the same.

Change aspect ratios

Midjourney zoom out change aspect ratio image 07

For the longest time, the aspect ratios of images generated in midjourney were fixed.

If you created a landscape image, you could not change it after a generation. You’d have to re-run the prompt and add a new custom aspect ratio to get what you want.

The zoom out feature has changed everything.
You can easily use the custom zoom out button to change the aspect ratio of your upscaled image to any dimension you want.

Note: for now, you can only do this using –zoom 1. So, remember to change it in your prompt.

Alter the background

Midjourney zoom out edit background image 08

With the custom zoom out button, you can extend and alter the background of your images in a completely new way.

You could add objects to the background, create a scene, and tweak the aesthetics.

Even though the original background does not change, you can still use the custom zoom out feature to make some unique creations.

Add subjects to the image

Midjourney zoom out add subjects image 09

Midjourney often struggles to create images with more than one subject. Now, you can use the custom zoom out feature to add characters and elements to your image like you’ve never done before.

The zoom out feature saves fast hours

One of the most exciting benefits of the zoom out feature is that you are now able to perfectly fit your subject in the frame correctly. This is very useful when you are generating full-body or long-shot images.

In the past, I have spent countless generations trying to get my character to fit in the frame. I wasted a lot of fast hours. And sometimes, I had to choose another image because of it.

Now, with the zoom out feature, you can just click a button and get the full body view of the character.

This means no more wasting time re-running prompts just to get the perfect view of your subject; which saves you a lot of generation hours.

The downside of midjourney zoom out

The one thing you need to keep in mind about this zoom out feature is that it does not have a zoom in option (at least for now).

This means that clicking the zoom out button will create a similar image: but it will not keep the details like inpainting does. So, every single image created with the zoom out feature is similar to the original: but different in its own way.

Also, zooming out does not change the actual size of the image. If you do not change the aspect ratio, each generated image still maintains its default square 1024px x 1024px.


Whether you are using midjourney AI for personal or commercial purposes, the new zoom out tool is a game-changer.

Gone are the days of repeatedly rerunning prompts to achieve the perfect view. This feature enables you to add scenery to your images, change aspect ratios, and create mind-boggling zoomed-out videos.

Although it does not increase the image’s size, it grants you greater creative freedom.

Once you experience the benefits of the zoom out feature, it will undoubtedly become a permanent addition to your creative workflow.