5 Chatgpt Cover Letter Generator Prompts That Will Make You Stand Out

The cover letter is an essential part of any job application process. It can often be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job.

But, as we all know writing a cover letter can be a daunting task; with ChatGPT, it doesn’t have to be. This AI-powered tool can help you create an outstanding cover letter in seconds.

In this article, I will show you how to use Chatgpt to create a compelling cover letter.

By doing this you will be able to quickly highlight your unique qualities and showcase your value to potential employers.

Are cover letters still relevant?

Most people say that nowadays writing a cover letter is a waste of time because no one reads it. This may be true in some cases.

Still, you should include it in your job application.

This is because, if a potential employer is struggling to choose between you and another candidate, your cover letter will be the deciding factor.

Think of it this way. A good cover letter is not the only thing you need to get a job. But a bad cover letter will stop you from getting to the first round of interviews.

What to do before you write your cover letter?

Before you start writing your cover letter with Chatgpt, make sure you gather all the information you need.

This includes your resume, the name of the employer or company, the job description, and the company’s address. You should also ensure that you have any other documents required for the job. This could be your portfolio or letters of recommendation.

It’s important to have this information on hand before you begin so that Chatgpt can accurately generate your letter.

In other words, your cover letter should always be the last thing you write before you apply for a job.

What makes a good cover letter?

Chatgpt is only a language model. Meaning that it does not understand the purpose of the cover letter.

So, in order to make the best use of this ai tool, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve with it.

According to HR experts, a good cover letter needs to have the following three components:

Emotional hook

Your cover letter is your chance to make a first impression and stand out from the other applicants.

To capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged, it’s crucial to craft a strong opening paragraph that draws them in.

One effective strategy is to create a relationship with the firm. This will make sure they read past the first paragraph.

To create a good cover letter hook, you must research the company and the job position.

You can start by speaking with at least three industry experts. Make sure to avoid asking general questions.

Instead, you should ask the experts only specific questions to gain specialized insight into your desired career and sector.

You can also read reviews about the company’s products or services online. Including insider info in your cover letter will show that you’ve done your research.

Keep in mind that the less qualified you are for the position, the more critical your opening paragraph becomes.

You must persuade the hiring manager that your enthusiasm, passion, and willingness to learn would make you a better fit for the team than someone with more experience.

Relevant information

Once you’ve captured the reader with a strong hook, you must make sure the rest of the cover letter is purposeful.

Every paragraph, and even every sentence, should serve a specific purpose and contribute to the overall message you want to convey.

Chatgpt can help you achieve this only if you explain in detail the goal of your cover letter.

You want to showcase your relevant skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the job you’re applying for. You also want to demonstrate how you can add value to the company.

Good formatting

A well-written cover letter that is poorly formatted can easily turn off a potential employer. This is where a cover letter template can be incredibly helpful.

Using a template ensures that your cover letter is formatted correctly and consistently. This means that the font, spacing, margins, and overall layout will look professional.

A well-formatted cover letter demonstrates attention to detail and a level of professionalism that can make a positive impression on your potential employer.

Plus, using a template can save you time and effort.

Another benefit of using a template is that it helps you stay organized.

The template will guide you through the different sections of the cover letter, ensuring that you include all the necessary information.

Basic Chatgpt cover letter prompt

Even though chatgpt cannot format your cover letter, it can create the intro, paragraph, and conclusion.

Using this ai tool is very easy. All you have to do is:

  • Open chatgpt
  • Type this prompt “I am a [expertise and experience]. Write me a cover letter for [job title/role] at [company/employer]”.
  • Click enter

Following the simple steps above will generate a cover letter that you can use for your job application.

However, like most text that chatgpt writes, the content will be very generic and repetitive. This is why you must write a more detailed and purposeful prompt to get better results with chatgpt.

Five advanced chatgpt cover letter prompts

Hiring managers do not want to read generic cover letters. These people are busy and don’t have time to waste on any applicant.

So, when you want to use chatgpt to write your cover letter, you must personalize it.

Below are five of the best chatgpt cover letter generator prompt templates that you can easily edit.

Straightforward cover letter prompt


I am applying for a [job title] at [company name]. I want you to create a cover letter that highlights my [skill/expertise/passion]. [summary of CV]. [experience summary]. [summary of job requirements]. [passionate statement].


I am applying for a WordPress developer role at Webfirst agency. I want you to create a cover letter that highlights my technical expertise. I’ve been working with web technology for two years. I’ve worked as a front-end developer for 8 months. I’ve grown by employing some tools. These include WooCommerce, CSS, and PHP. The role I am applying for requires experience with WordPress e-commerce site-building. My reason for applying for this job is to further develop my coding skills in WordPress for online business.

Detailed cover letter prompt


[Job description:]. [My resume]. Your task is to use the job description above to write a cover letter with metrics for me. Make sure to include the relevant part of my resume for reference and keep it less than 400 words.

For the [job description], you should copy the entire text and paste it into this section.

Do the same for the resume section but do not copy your personal information. There is no need to repeat it.

Also, remember that this prompt might not work in Chatgpt 3.5 because of token limit.

Formula cover letter prompt


I am applying for a job at [company name] as a [job title] Please use the formula below to write me a persuasive cover letter. [The formula: introduction, perfect fit because, company connection, closing]


I am applying for a job at Stackable as a B2B sales consultant. Please use the formula below to write me a persuasive cover letter. [The formula: introduction, perfect fit because, company connection, closing]

Guided cover letter prompt


[sample text]. [job description summary]. [resume summary].
Your task is to use the writing format and style of the sample text to write me a compelling cover letter for the job description above. Make sure you include the details of my resume and highlight my achievements.

To use this prompt, you can summarize the job description and your resume, or you can copy and paste the full text.

Make sure the sample cover letter is ideal for the role you are applying for.

Step-by-step cover letter prompt


I am seeking a job at [company name] as a [job title]. Your task is to use the writing format below to create a compelling cover letter for me
[writing format:
1. Introduction
A) Start with an attention-grabbing sentence that shows my enthusiasm for the position and the company.
2. Body
A) Highlight my relevant skills and experience that make me a great fit for the job. Use specific examples and metrics to demonstrate my achievements.
B) Show that I have done research on the company and the job by discussing how my skills and experience align with the company's mission and values.
C) Explain that I am interested in this job because I want to challenge myself and improve my skills (edit this sentence).
D) Explain how my skills and experience connect to the new job role.
3. Conclusion
A) Thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration.
B) Restate my interest in the position and mention that I am available for an interview.]

This prompt template is very detailed, so you want to make sure you edit it properly.

If you want to get even better results with chatgpt, you should add your resume and the job description to this prompt.

Boost your chances of getting hired! Check out this article for valuable tips and tricks to improve your job prospects.

Chatgpt vs Playground for cover letters

When it comes to writing compelling cover letters, chatgpt is a better option than Openai’s playground.

Even though both tools use similar technology, chatgpt is trained for conversations. This means that it creates better natural text than playground.

Also, chatgpt is easier to use than playground. It rarely shows token limits. And, if it stops generating your cover letter halfway, you can ask it to continue.

Is chatgpt with gpt 4 better at writing cover letters?

The truth is that using chatgpt with GPT 4 model will create a better cover letter than the older versions. This model is less repetitive and more precise.

However, after much research, I have discovered that the free version works just fine.

So, there is no need to buy a paid subscription just to write cover letters for your job application.

The verdict

With ChatGPT’s assistance, you can generate a high-quality, customized letter that accurately reflects your skills.

By using any of the advanced prompts provided above, you’ll be able to create a compelling narrative that showcases your potential and helps you secure the job of your dreams.

However, it’s important to remember that while ChatGPT can provide an excellent starting point, it’s crucial to put your personal touch on the letter.

Make sure you edit the generated content to truly make it your own.

And, remember to format your cover letter properly.

Doing this will ensure that it resonates with the hiring manager and highlights what sets you apart from other candidates; which will pave your way to success.