15 Popular Midjourney Aspect Ratio Prompts For Your Next Project

If you are tired of generating square images in midjourney and you want to make something different, you are not alone.

Most people use the default aspect ratio because they are not aware of other options.

In this article, you will discover fifteen different aspect ratio prompts with image examples that you can use in midjourney.

What does aspect ratio do?

Aspect ratio is a term that is used to describe the relationship between the width and height of your image. It affects the composition and even the style of the generated image.

By default, midjourney creates images with 1:1 aspect ratios, which is fine for most projects.

But if you want to generate images for a specific purpose, such as Instagram Stories, then you must use the right dimensions to make sure it fits properly.

To create a custom aspect ratio in midjourney, all you have to do is add –ar width:height or –aspect ratio width:height to the end of your prompt.

The following are prompt examples of fifteen various aspect ratios that you can create in midjourney version 5 and above.


Prototype of an ai avatar, futuristic --ar 9:16
9:16 midjourney aspect ratio


full view, full body, man in their early 20s, dressed in cool tones, medium build, bright red hair, warrior, short trimmed beard, scarred, dressed in urban armor, futuristic elite unit, wisps of magic, holding a enchanted sword, potions, alchemists, different shades of purple and blue color pallet details, medical equipment futuristic fashion, alchemy, potion bottles strapped to armor, potion belt, character design model sheet, concept art, --ar 2:3 --niji 5
2:3 midjourney aspect ratio


medieval Scottish woman looking somber and intense in the style of sofia cupola, medieval Scottish town and ominous shadowy silhouettes behind her, ultra-detailed face, aesthetic, low light, robert eggers, folk horror, wicker man, desaturated, dark, character, shot on 35mm Kodak Vision2 Expression 500T 5229 --ar 16:9
16:9 midjourney aspect ratio


An ancient city on the ocean, it is a city of engineers and craftsmen with buildings made of yellow stone and with a large cylindrical stone tower in the form of a truncated cone in the style of Ryan Laucat, digital painting style, --ar 4:3 --style raw
4:3 midjourney aspect ratio prompt


full-figured, plus-size, beautiful, glamorous, filipino woman with short, blonde curly hair wearing business outfit. nightclub aesthetic. canon, nikon, --ar 1:2
1:2 midjourney aspect ratio


dynamic pose, cyberpunk rogue with sci-fi, japanese influence, with weapon, full body, in the style of gerald brom --ar 4:5
4:5 midjourney aspect ratio


a girl in a yellow top is posing with tattoos, in the style of video feedback loops, natural fibers, thrashcore, playful yet dark, hannah yata --ar 80:103
80:103 midjourney aspect ratio


abandoned neon city, top view, bird eye view, downtown bar, bar table, confusing, neon signs, inside the bar, dark, night time, blue and red, high contrast, ralph mcquarrie style, playrix style landscape, gouache, high detail, 8K, oil painting --ar 7:3 --s 250 --niji 5 --quality 2 --chaos 1
7:3 midjourney aspect ratio


fluffy super cute, happy girl, wearing a green winter outfit, holding a cute artic fox, sitting in a green snowy forest, snowy, sanrio aesthetics, beautiful details, green tones, warm fairy lights, kawaii, anime style --niji --ar 11:15
11:15 midjourney aspect ratio


robot suitcase, at the beach --ar 3:2
3:2 midjourney aspect ratio


hyper-real photo of a clean and beautiful small American town on main street with a parade on a sunny day, hyper-realistic, hyper defined, 32k, --ar 5:1
5:1 midjourney aspect ratio


b&w coloring page for kids, cute baby elephant, balloons, cartoon Pixar style, thick lines, white background, --no shading gradient colors --ar 9:11
9:11 midjourney aspect ratio


create an abstract watercolor that encapsulates the theme of healing and forgiveness, use bright colors, joyous and harmonious shapes, and gold highlights --ar 20:16
20:16 midjourney aspect ratio


an illustration in a teal airy color scheme of a website navigation --ar 17:11
17:11 midjourney aspect ratio


a female figure wearing an extravagant metallic gold dress, large white angel wings, heavenly lighting, oil paint, her head is scribbled out with black ink pen, surreal, dramatic shading, detailed, gothic horror aesthetic, thick paint texture, --ar 8:10
8:10 midjourney aspect ratio


With the V5 update, you can create images in any aspect ratios you want in midjourney.

The prompts above show how to use image dimension correctly. And you have seen the different images you can make with it.

So, go ahead and try out different sizes to find what works best for your project.

If you want to know more about the standard aspect ratios and what they are used for, Click here.